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Karaoke Finder is an application for finding karaoke bars, displaying them with a star icon on a map; some major karaoke bars in Japan are displayed with recognizable icons. You can easily search karaoke bars within your vicinity or specified location with Karaoke Finder Features Display karaoke bars within your vicinity or specified location Choose which karaoke bars to display Links to official web pages of karaoke bars The content depend on each karaoke bar; some bars do not provide web pages. Links to detailed information pages on Google Maps e.g. You can perform a route search after navigating to a Google Maps page. Show current location Show distance between your location and each karaoke bar Location and address search Language Support English Japanese Notice This application uses information on karaoke bars provided by Google Inc. We cannot be held responsible for its content nor can we answer questions on it.Copyright 2012 LCM Technologies. All rights reserved.



Version: 1.0.3

Requires: Android2.1 or later


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