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Stitch your video and express yourself with Peeks for Messenger, a fast and easy way to capture and import video for all your SMS chats with friends and contacts on Messenger.
Enhance your private conversations with recorded video clips as long as 36 seconds. Take advantage of sophisticated video features right at your fingertips, like our ‘Pause and Record’ and ‘Import’ features.
Let your creativity flow with the ‘Pause and Record’ feature and shoot from multiple angles and set ups. Made a mistake? Not a problem - just tap the X button to delete previous segments and start again.
Share special moments with the 'Import' feature, a tool that allows you to view, select and import existing video clips from your phone’s media library.
Mix up your video chats with a combination of captured and imported clips that you can stitch together into one Peeks. Combine as many clips as you can fit into one 36-second masterpiece!
Have fun. Zoom in and out, switch camera’s from front to back, turn on the flash, all without interrupting your recording. Entertain your friends with funny and revealing video conversations. Video messages created and sent are available whenever you need them by opting to store them locally to your mobile device.
Keek for Messenger is free, fun, and easy to use. Give it a try – say it with Keek!



Version: 1.2

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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