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It is KENNYSOFT's camera application.
Some camera applications take picture by hardware button input, so it can be shaken. But this application gets focus and takes picture after touch button input, so it can reduce shaking.
* Greatly reduced capacity by using PNG indexing.
* Preference screen design is changed.
* [Android 4.0] Fixed FC when taking picture.
* [Android 4.1+] Performance with setting screen actionbar's back button is changed.
* Scanner will now be closed after using it as per android guidelines.
* Display design is fully changed.
* Setting for fullscreen is added.
* Design for information window is changed.
* Some unnecessary scripts are deleted in preference screen.
* [Android 4.0+] Some notificaion icons are changed.
* [Android 4.1+] Go back function is added at action bar in preference screen.
* [Android 2.3-] Fixed FC at startup.
* Setting for saving path which enables to save picture at external SD card is added.
* Save picture end notification is optimized.
* Supply for Android 4.4 is added.
* Version code is modified because of the version integration with KennyCamcorder.
* Proguard is disabled.
* Notification function is improved.
* [Android 4.1+] Share button which is in notification is added.
* Performances with error handling is improved.
* Storage usage reduced by enabling Proguard, optimzing PNG, etc.
* "Preview" button is now disabled if a picture to preview doesn't exist.
* Freezing after taking picture is reduced.
* Setting not synchronized bug is fixed.
* Size setting is now keeped even this application is upgraded.
* Performance with [BACK] key is improved.
* Fixed FC at quit for some devices.
* Menu at preview display is changed.
# P.S. : Share, delete function is available.
* Icon for xxhdpi devices is added.
* Some error messages are changed.
* Delay after focus is deleted.
* Preview picture quality improved.
* Go back when touch preview image is blocked.
* Application logo is inserted to some windows.
* [BACK] button double click to quit setting is added.
* Preference screen is now perfectly implemented.
* Quit confirm window is added.
* Text after quit is changed.
* Information window now appears at version upgrade.
* [Android 3.0+] Toolbar background color is changed.
* Fixed FC at first run.
* Bug which not saving picture reslution at first run is fixed.
* The interval between focus and take is reduced.
* Resolution and size is unioned to size.
* Copyright is added to preference screen.
* Affix, Flash modes are now saved.
* Affix, Flash modes now can be set on settings screen.
* Size settings are disabled.
* Even if KennyCamcorder is not installed, "KennyCamcorder" item now appears in pop-up menu, and linked to install page when clicked.
* Information window now appears at first run.
* "Stars and Reviews" is added to settings.
* Display design is changed.
* Application start intent name is now same with package name.
* Not saving picture reslution bug is fixed.
* Translation of error with file saving string is added.
* Package name is changed to "kr.KENNYSOFT.KennyCamera".
* Icon for xhdpi devices is added.
* Notification now disappear when selected.
* Notification now links to other application.
* Display design is changed.
* Description of application is changed.
* [Android 3.0+] "Holo" theme is applied.
* Translations of notifications are added.
Copyright ⓒ 2011-2014 by KENNYSOFT. All Rights Reserved.



Version: 1.6.0

Requires: Android2.2 or later


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