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keyboard Swap is a free app for those of you who love using different keyboards for different tasks.It will allow you to quickly and elegantly toggle between any keyboard installed on your device.With Keyboard Swap you can switch keyboards with any of the 3 different methods:1 - The notification status bar2 - A home screen keyboard widget3 - Launching the Keyboard Swap AppIt is that simple.Describe it or call it what you want; keyboard selector, keyboard switcher, keyboard manager, keyboard changer, keyboard converter keyboard transformer, or as I prefer Keyboard Swap.Depending on demand I will create more widgets, more designs and more fun customization and tweaks.So please, if you have an idea or a request please contact me!-Android permissions-Network communication System tools Your accounts - required by Google cloud messenger.This allows me to send you notifications about updates related to the app and my work.These will be few and far between if at all... a small price to pay for an awesome free app with no adds!



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android1.6 or later


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