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is a parental control app which helps you protect your kids with the Panic Button and see their location with the GPS tracker. View messaging and calls. Block undesirable contacts and applications. Set tasks and get alerted once they are done via scheduler feature.
Install and start tracking now!
With the Kidgy kid tracker you can:
* monitor your child’s movements online, with our GPS tracker for kids;
* create geo-fences and get informed when they enter or leave them;
* view your child’s app list and block unwanted apps;
* block most popular Internet browsers;
* monitor SMS and calls even deleted ones;
* block calls from unwanted contacts;
* receive SOS message with the precise location of your child once they are in trouble with Kidgy Panic Button;
* set tasks like “do homework”, “walk the dog” and get alerted once they are done remotely.
As one of the most reliable parental control apps, Kidgy has the following features:
Location Tracking and Geo-Fencing
Know your kid’s location all the time and be rest assured they are safe with our family locator.
Set the virtual fences on your device and get informed when your Kid enters or leaves them. Be sure, they are really at school.
Call logs, Phone book, Contacts block
Knowing all your kid's friends online is a great boost to a child-parent relationship.
Kidgy tracking app provides you with the contacts, names, numbers on your kid’s phone. You get details of calls made and received.
Block all the unwanted contacts from calling!
Text Messages
The Kidgy parental control app for Android allows you to monitor all incoming and outgoing text messages. Even deleted ones that your kid may feel embarrassed of or scared to tell you about - cyberbullying, you get to read them in details, date, timestamp.
Panic Button
Add an alarm button to your Child’s phone, provide them with the opportunity to contact you in emergencies in one touch. In panic mode, the Kidgy family locator will show the current GPS position and real-time location trace until you disable panic mode.
App List and App block
Too much Youtube and social networks instead of reading or sleeping? Take that under control: restrict and allow access to selected apps remotely.
Kidgy helps you know the sort of apps on your kid’s device. You get access to all apps installed on their phones. See which apps they spend more time on and analyze which one is right.
Block browser, set Internet limits
Make sure your kid is protected from harmful content online! To exercise control parental awareness is key. Block any of most popular browsers on Google Play with just one click from your parent account.
Scheduler, Kid's Task Manager
Did you imagine a digital family assistant? With Kidgy you may now set up a list of tasks for your kid and get their progress status in real time. Build trust and synchronize with your kid's daily activities. Teach your kid and manage their leisure and working time remotely with the help of Kidgy family assistant.
About Kidgy
Kidgy is a parental control app aimed to become your digital family assistant and time saver. Organize your child's online activities remotely.
Build mutual trust and optimize your online activities together with our family tracker.
How to track my kids with Kidgy parent app?
1. Install our family locator from Google play
2. Set up Parent and Child profiles
3. Get updates to your Kidgy app on your phone
As all parental control apps, our tracking app is subscription based, starting from $9.99. You may adjust your package according to your family needs!
Our professional customer care service is here to help
via email and over the phone.
Privacy Policy:
Terms of use:
With Kidgy control parental worries no more!



Version: 1.9.2

Requires: Android 4.0.3 or later


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