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Islamic Cartoons for Kids, an application developed to let Muslim kids learn Islamic Moral values and basic teachings of Islam. Anyone who can understand Urdu and Hindi Should download Islamic Cartoons to start Learning of Islamic teaching Now!
Let your kids learn Islam with entertainment. Islamic Cartoon for kids App contains numerous Islamic Cartoons videos which will help your kids to learn Islamic Duas, moral values of Islam and basic teachings of Islam in an entertaining way. All of the Islamic Cartoon videos are in Urdu language and contain the entire Basic ethical, moral, and Islamic values that let your kids become a better practicing Muslim.
The App contains some of the Following Islamic Video:
• Say AlhamduLillah when you are sneezing
• Say SubhanAllah while you getting up stairs
• Back Biting is a Big Sin
• Helping Needy People
• Dua Before Clothing
• Say Allaho Akbar when you went Up
• Dua For increase in Knowledge
• Removing stone from way is a charity
• Dua For when entering toilet
• Earning Reward By smiling
• Dua for Riding
And Many More…..
Download App and start building your kids Islamic Knowledge Now!
All the content provided in this app is available in public domains. We don’t claim or own it, Only we are just providing an organize way to stream it. It’s has the copy rights of their respective Owners.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android3.0 or later


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