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Killer Voice Recorder is the best voice recorder app on the market, designed for android tablets and phones.
★ REMOTE RECORDING – No need to be close to your phone/tablet during recordings. Using a Bluetooth device, you can record from far away distances. This is an exclusive feature you wouldn't find in any other app.
★ KILLER SHAKE – No need to launch the app when you want to record. Just shake your device to start recording and shake to stop and save recording. Very useful to detectives/journalists/interviewers etc.
★ PLAY AND RECORD AT THE SAME TIME – KVR comes with a musical track portal that allows you to play tracks and record at the same time. Very useful to musicians
★ UNLIMITED BACKGROUND RECORDING – Records in background (Even when display is off)
★ SECURITY – Lock App, Hide Recordings from external players, Hide recordings from file managers, explorers and computers.
★ DROPBOX INTEGRATION – Option to Sync with your Dropbox accounts. This will automatically save your recordings on your personal computers, phones, tablets etc.You can choose to save remotely only when you’re connected to a WIFI-network.
★ MULTIPLE AUDIO SOURCES – Rejoice! You can choose to record from five different audio sources.
★ EXCELLENT AUDIO QUALITY – Say no to poor audio quality. KVR allows you to adjust the audio quality (8-44 kHz) and file formats of recordings.
★ STORAGE AND DIRECTORY CHANGE – You can choose a particular directory to save recordings. Default is sdcard/Killer Voice Recordings.
★ SEARCH RECORDINGS - Search for recordings by name, timestamp or duration.
★ SHARE RECORDINGS WITH FRIENDS – Share via email, facebook, twitter, whatsapp etc
★ OTHER GREAT FEATURES – Swipe gestures to show/hide panels, Show or hide notifications during recordings, insert recordings into media store (show/hide from music playing apps), auto play recordings etc
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This app was designed to work on every android phone or tablet however in case you encounter any problem, please use the “Request Feature” to submit it. :)



Version: 2.7

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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