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About Knowsome - General Knowledge for India and Planet Earth at large (GK App)!
Knowsome is an AI-based virtual assistant for lifelong learning and self-enrichment. It is creating a new way for learning as it seamlessly weaves the subjects you’re most interested in into your daily flow.
Knowsome focuses on general knowledge for India and elsewhere. It also helps fight social media addiction by identifying unproductive moments during your day and turning them into learning events. Most importantly - it is engaging and fun!
Personalized learning for long term retention!
Knowsome lets you be the captain of your own learning journey. The learning app’s AI technology personalizes your learning path, based on your learning behavior, learning style and preferences. Even better, this learning app (free download!) has proprietary algorithms that smartly identify the best moments for learning during your day and encourages you to effectively use your spare time to expand your general knowledge and engage yourself in topics of interest in India and elsewhere. With easy-to-read bites of information and videos from reliable sources, this free GK app creates an engaging and productive learning experience.
Unlike most GK apps, Knowsome helps you retain your learning with smart reminder features and propriety memory enhancement methodologies. AI-powered learning journeys use personalization to increase your retention rate, long-term memory, and understanding of any subject. It helps minimize the forgetting curve effect, with its smart reminder features and propriety memory enhancement methodologies!
GK apps: An automated learning path on any topic!
Knowsome allows users in India and elsewhere to gain general knowledge on any topic. Through short learning interactions, videos, and quizzes our free learning app ensures that you build and retain a strong, fundamental understanding of central concepts. Our topics include every subject under the sky, including science general knowledge (GK), geography GK, latest GK, world GK and much, much more. That's probably the reason Knowsome users are calling our learning app one of the best GK apps available for GK download on the Play store.
Main features:
Search for a general knowledge topic or start with one of the trending topics
Learn with short bite-sized learning interactions and videos
Answer quiz questions and test your knowledge
Benefit from learning enhancements that keep you in the learning game
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Version: 1.0

Requires: Android5.0 or later


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