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Krypton v2 is the successor to Krypton v1 (winner of the CX Innovation of the Year Award at Quest CX Awards, 2017) and hosts the updated Audits and Black Tasks module.
With v2, we have introduced a host of features, some of which are as follows:
- Targeted Audits: Only 8 per week will be triggered basis the unhappy feedback and occupancy at the property
- Property Performance Card: Snapshot of all relevant consumer experience data points to ensure you are on top of areas that need improvement
- Recommended Rooms: List of recommended rooms will be available while auditing to ensure you never miss out on rooms that need your immediate attention
- Dynamic Questionnaire: Questions have been linked with amenities and escalations to ensure you are only served with relevant questions during an audit
- Wifi Test: No longer will you need to use third-party apps for measuring wifi speeds; Krypton v2 will do the job for you
In case you have any feedback, please feel free to reach out to us at



Version: 31.19.1

Requires: Android5.0 or later


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