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Qur'an Translations, developed an easy to use application for Android devices is Quran translations. With this app Turkish, English, German, French, Dutch, Russian, Azerbaijani and Kurdish read the Qur'an in comparatively meal, you can search on these verses.
Quran Translations provides the following facilities:
-Choose A meal that you read all the time
-Choose Read verse by verse comparing mealleri
S fine meal to make advanced search (all the words at the same time as any of the phrases or words written)
When clicked on the long -Ayet copy, add to your favorites or share
-Okurk Marking replaced with thick long clicks and then continue where you left from the main menu
-Syria And verse about direct access by selecting the verse number
Mushaf of -Syria, landing or sorted alphabetically
Change the text color and size, and -Background
In the semi-arid God's names and attributes descriptions and verses that now. (Source: diyanet.gov.t is, Religious Concepts Dictionary)
-About 170 (prayer verses, prayer, fasting, zakat, as haram) index contains the topic / index
-comparison Mode button in the menu "fast forward", "fast rewind" time to go
Direct replacement meal menu button shown in the reading mode -One time
-Tecvidl The Turkish text. (Read in bold letters the Bosphorus; lisp is shown as underlined letters read. Single Ha underlined letter shown)
To be able to move to SD card
IMPORTANT NOTE: The time to access these features, press the menu screen. Here we suggest you take a look necessarily to the Settings page. The representation of the Arabic text, the characters may have trouble with Android 4.x systems under. Increase the font size from the Settings screen on the tablet.
Translation of Quran, Arabic meal contains more than 35 in 8 languages ​​other than the original text of the Qur'an and Tecvidli Turkish spelling.
Turkish: Religion Foundation, Rashad Khalifa, Ali Bulac, Yusuf Ali H. The article (Simplified), Muhammad Asad, Bayraktar Flag, loyal Turkmen Solomon fever, Suat Yildirim, Religious Affairs Celal Yildirim, Ibn Kathir, Edip Yuksel, Saban Piris, Tefhimu'l Quran, Fizilal-yl Quran, Yusuf Ali H. The article (original) words Meali (kuranmeali.co I)
İngilizce: Ahmed Ali, Wahidud did Khan, Yusuf Ali, Pickthall, Muhammad Sarwar, literal, Muhammad Asad, Edip Yuksel & Layth & Schulte-Nafeh, Ph.D. Shehnaz Shaikh (Word by Word), Monotheist Group
Deutsche Bubenheim & Elyas Muhammad Abu Rida, Adel Theodor Khoury
French Muhammad Hamidullah
Azerbaijani: Mammadaliyev & Bunyadov, Musayev
Kurdish Burhan Muhammad Amin
Dutch Salomon Keyser, Fred Leemhuis
Russian: Elmer Kuliev, Krachkovsky, Gordy Semyonovich Sablukov
Keywords: Quran, Koran, القرآن, Coran, Quran, Quran, translation, meaning, meaning are meaning of Esma'ül Husna, Esmaul Husna, Word by Word, Word By Word, Word for Word word mealli who

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Not : Kurulumdan sonra ilk açılışta uygulama mealleri güncelleştireceğinden biraz bekletebilir.



Version: 1.6

Requires: Android 2.3.3 or later


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