Super Flashlight - SOS Blink

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APP not just your imagination! This is the fastest, simplest and powerful flashlight!
【Super Flashlight】Features
LED FlashLight: Flashlight, Blink, SOS Morse code Blink, Warning Blink
ScreenLight: Siren Mode, Use the color palette to choose a color
Magnifier: Magnifier and light(Pro version)
The most stable and best on the Google Play flashlight APP, because:
● Supports the widest range of devices with camera FlashLight (LED flash).
● Android Google Play on the brightest and most powerful light.
● Flashlight with small memory footprint, low battery and CPU consumption. Highly optimized.
● Have the best support.
● Easy to use and lightweight but a flashlight APP. Make full use of the camera flash LED device as a flashlight.
Try it! You will not want to uninstall! Have fun!

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Version: 3.7.0

Requires: Android 4.2 or later


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