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LMC emulator demonstrates the behavior of a Little Man Computer. It is very useful for those studying Programming and Computer Architecture.Line Rearrangement with Auto Reference TracingUsing DragSortListView by Carl A. Bauer,you can rearrange the lines with a simple drag-drop movement. This app would handle any line number change and rematch the affected reference of other lines.If you suddenly realize that you need to add an extra line or two in the middle of your program you will no longer need to rewrite anything from now on!Easy CommentingYou can add comments to your lines of code to make sure that the code-reading humen (including yourself) to understand your work. And these added comment are well placed in a convenient location Step-by-step ExecutionThe step-by-step execution allows you to observe how the LMC and your program work. You can have a better study with such a chance to observe.We aim to create the best LMC Emulator in the world of both Mobile and PC. So please let us know your ideas of how to make it better!



Version: 0.9.3

Requires: Android2.1 or later


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