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And if your wealth following you everywhere?
LaFinBox is the only one of your assets tracking application every day!
LaFinBox reinvents managing your finances!
° MANUAL NO ENTRY, daily application downloads your operations and financial positions ON ALL ACCOUNTS TYPES and presents your finances in graphical format.
° CONSULT YOUR HERITAGE IN ONE CLICK. Your PEA or your life insurance repatriated in real time and accessible in detail: performance, trend, evolution can all follow.
° IDENTIFY YOUR CAPITAL GAINS. All your investments are automatically categorized to give you an overview of your finances.
° ANALYZE TRENDS. LaFinBox to date is the ONLY app that gives you monitoring charts the evolution of your actions simply by connecting your accounts.
° CREATE ALERTS. LaFinBox automatically creates alerts you so you can keep track of your assets.
° FULLY SECURED. LaFinBox was audited by the services of a large insurance company and relies on partners such as Mcafee Geotrust and to check the quality of its infrastructure. Because we do not mess with your data, LaFinBox present a level of safety equivalent to that of banks.
LaFinBox manages over 130 banks and insurance available online including (partial list):
- American Express
- AXA Bank
- AXA Thema
- Banque Accord
- Banque Courtois
- Banque Kolb
- Banque Populaire
- Postal bank
- Bank Tarneaud
- Transatlantic Bank
- Barclays
- BforBank
- BNP Paribas
- Boursorama
- Caisse d'Epargne
- Crossroads Bank
- Crédit Agricole
- Cooperative Credit
- Crédit du Nord
- Crédit Maritime
- Mutual credit
- Fortuneo
- Gan insurance
- Groupama
- Groupama Employee Savings
- HSBC (French accounts only)
- ING Direct
- Paypal
- Societe Generale
- Société Marseillaise de Crédit
- SwissLife
- Private Banking SwissLife
We continuously develop access to new institutions (banks, life insurance, savings plans), if your is not listed, contact us and we will create together.
LaFinBox, your mobile heritage.



Version: 1.0.13

Requires: Android2.3 or later


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