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Pencak silat is a traditional martial art originating from Indonesia. In contrast to most other martial arts, pencak silat has its own characteristic, namely the movement that looks broken.
Pencak silat has various aspects in it, namely:
1. Mental Spiritual Aspects
What is meant in this case is that pencak silat builds a noble personality and character and focuses on the formation of attitudes and character so that fighter has a high sense of solidarity, love of the country has a sense of responsibility, and upholds the truth.
2. Art Aspects
This aspect illustrates the art form of pencak silat dance with traditional music and clothing.
3. Aspects of Self Defense
In this aspect pencak silat aims to strengthen one's instincts and minds in various threats and dangers.
4. Sports Aspects
This aspect guarantees physical and spiritual health and can excel in the field of sports, especially pencak silat. This means that fighter must have awareness and obligation in daily activities so that training can be achieved and when competing upholds high sportsmanship.
There are many basic techniques of pencak silat that need to be mastered by any practitioner or beginner pencak silat player. With lots of practice accompanied by high perseverance, these techniques are not a big problem.
To be able to master the martial arts of Pencak Silat, which must be mastered, namely the Basic Technique of Pencak Silat:
- Sawhorse
- Attitude
- direction
- Step pattern
- blow
- kick
- Drop it
- cutouts
- Kuncian
To make it easier for you to learn pencak silat techniques. This application provides images in learning pencak silat techniques. For that download this application to feel the benefits of this application. Hopefully useful for you.



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