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Complete Tai Chi Technique and Training Tutorials Available on This App:
- 10 Tips for Personal Tai Chi Practice
- Tai Chi and Your Body – Infographic
- 10 Basic Tai Chi Form
- Essential Tai Chi Workout
- Tai Chi Poses Part 1
- Tai Chi Poses Part 2
- Tai Chi Poses Part 3
- Tai Chi Poses Part 4
- Tai Chi Poses Part 5
- Tai Chi Poses Part 6
- Tai Chi Alignment
- Your Brain on Tai Chi
- Form Work (Long or Short Form)
- Tai Chi Push Hands or Tui Shou
- Transition Methods Between Push Hands and Sparring
- Sparring and Actual Fighting
- Tai Chi Meditation Techniques
- Tai Chi 24 form moves in Chinese / Pinyin / English etc.
- Pushing And Wrestling
- Purpose of Different Stance Training
- Wide Low Stance
- 3 External Harmony
- Grounding Technique
- Grounding And Counterbalancing
- Breaking The Rules
- 3 Types and Levels Of Tranquility
- Watching Teacher Perform
- Applying Force
- Connection Between Centre And Extremities
- Tai Chi Pursue Centre, Not Moves and Strikes
- Zhang Zhuang: Upper Body Direction
- Softness
- Stages of Linking
- The First 4 Movements
- Increase Density And Strength In Legs Without Doing Low Stance
- Practicing Smaller Circle
- Detail Twining Movements of the Legs
- Zhang Zhong: Progress Update
- Dept of Internal Skills
- Why Body Alignment/Structure is Important
- Body Alignment: During Transition
- The Concept of PENG
- Baginning Stage of Practice
- Chi Blocked
- Chi Flow
- Initial Stage of Rooting
- Body Rotation by Hip
App Features:
✔ Tablet support
✔ 100% Free apps
✔ Easy to use
✔ Fast Loading
✔ Support offline mode
✔ Responsive Design
✔ User friendly interface
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