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Learn iOS App Development 2018/2019. A Complete iOS App Development Tutorial and Guide. This is an in depth guide to the iOS App Development. If You are a new developer and thinking of starting iOS App development then this app is going to be your best friend or if you are already an iOS App Developer then this app will be a great pocket reference iOS guide. iOS App developers are high in demand right now. They Average salary on an iOS App developer is more than an Android Developer so this is the best time to learn iOS App development.
This app contains all the major topics of iOS App Development with Excellent Code Examples. With its beautiful UI and easy to learn guide you can learn iOS App development within Days, and this is what make this app different from other apps. We are constantly updating this app with every new major iOS release and adding more code snippets as something changes so you get the latest updates.
Topics Included in this App
1- iOS App Development Overview
2- Setup iOS App Development Environment
3- Creating first iOS App
4- Actions and Outlets
5- Delegates
6- UI Elements
7- Accelerometer
8- Universal Applications
9- Camera management
10- Working with iOS Locations
11- Sqlite Database in iOS app Development
12- Sending Emails in iOS app Applications
13- Working with Audio & Video in iOS apps
14- Learn Files Handling in iOS App Development
15- Accessing Maps in iOS Apps
16- In-App Purchase in iOS app Development
17- IAD Intergration in iOS app Development
18- iOS Game Development with GameKit
19- iOS App Development Project( Story Board app)
20- Auto Layouts in iOS app Development
21- Interacting with Twitter & Facebook
22- Learn Memory Management in iOS Apps Development
23- Learn Applications Debugging in iOS App Development
So Why Anyone should Learn iOS App Development in 2018/2019
1- iOS Developer gets the Highest Salary
The average salary of the iOS app Developer is more than 30% higher than web developers. This is due to low supply and high demand of iOS App Developers in the world. iOS App Developers are in high-demand across the globe, so you can be sure this can be a useful skill to have.
2- No Compatibility issues
There are so many different mobile devices which run the Android operating system… Making apps for Android can sometimes be a bit of a nightmare. Whereas for iOS, they tend to maintain compatibility between devices so you can develop iOS apps for one version and easily update them for the next.
3- iOS also has a mature, more stable Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for development than the Android platform. It has many important features such as Code Completion, its UI design interface, managing directories’ hierarchy, profiling, debugging, core data, assets management, and many more.
5- Swift is a good place to start for beginners who want to code. Swift is a high level programming language, the language is more “human-like”, you write fewer lines of code and don’t have to worry about things like memory management and development is generally faster. Swift also has a cool learning environment called Swift Playground which lets you type code into the screen, and see the output on the right. You can get immediate feedback, and can do all this without setting up files or worrying about compiler options.
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Requires: Android4.4 or later


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