Lightoid, jogging flashlight

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Tools | 2.6MB


Flashlight app and widget for joggers or cyclists, torch, table lamp or even strobe - all this inside one application installed on your device. Lightoid using your device's camera LED / flash / screen can enhance your visibility and illuminate your way in a darkness every time you need it, e.g. while jogging, cycling or walking.
Main features:
- Choose mode - constant or flashing light
- Choose color, brightness and flash frequency
- Define custom flash frequency and period
- Ability to simultaneously illuminate front and back side of your phone (for devices with built-in camera LED / flash)
- Fully customizable widget
- User-friendly menu
If you use this application in a road traffic, use it at your own risk. Make sure that light is visible to others and that phone battery is charged sufficiently.
Lightoid uses Google Analytics to anonymously track usage data within the application.



Version: 1.0.7

Requires: Android2.3 or later


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