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A Locale plugin that simulates pressing a headphone or headset button. Available buttons are the quot;hookquot; ie single headset button, PlayPause, Play, Pause, Next, Previous, Fast Forward, Rewind, Stop. Also optionally checks whether anything is currently playing.This is useful because headphone buttons automatically use the current quot;preferredquot; media player on your device, which is usually the most recently used one, instead of any one specific player.I use this to restart whatever was playing last when I plug in my headphones. It39;s nice that Android automatically pauses when they39;re unplugged, but it39;s annoying to have to unlock the screen, navigate through the player app, and press play again. Add a Locale situation with headphones connected as the condition and this plugin with quot;PlayPausequot; as the setting, and voila, your music or podcast automatically restarts when you plug your headphones back inWarning: some media player apps don39;t handle headphone buttons consistently, or even at all, even builtin apps. If this plugin doesn39;t work with a specific app, check that it supports the headphone button you39;ve selected, andor try other buttons.



Version: 0.2

Requires: Android1.6 or later


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