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Display directions of the sun and the moon from your current position.Your current position is calculated from the location datasuch as GPS and Wireless LAN on android device. Available Planets and StarsSunMoonVenusMercuryJupiterSaturnDisplay and Output FunctionsDisplay the location of the planets and stars on the screen.Send the calculation result by UDP port 3333 at all times.Possible UsageA simulator for,such as an annular solar eclipse and a total eclipse of the sun.With a pencil,even a simple compass can be made by the calculation from the sun position and shade.A solar tracking device is also available to produce easily with UDP output function.NoticeUse our application with the device and under the environment accessible to the location datasuch as GPS and Wireless LANFor calculating the position in the past or the future,please readjust the internal clock of Android device.Restrictions of free editionUDP output function is not available.



Version: 2.0

Requires: Android2.1 or later


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