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Customized Love Gallery Live Wallpaper Mobile Application brings a fresh look and feel to your mobile phone. You can customize your cell wallpaper as per your mood and preferences. The application supports addition of your favored image stuffed in the application to suit to your wish which will give your cell a very fresh and personalized appearance. You can either select the already stuffed image or any other from your album to be displayed in the rotating cuboid. You can even customize the size and movement of the cuboid as per your fondness.
Features Include:
1. The cuboid images can be replaced with any from the listed gallery or from album.
2. 6 different background images are already available.
3. The motion of the cuboid can be controlled through setting of the application.
4. The size of the cuboid can be customized through setting into different sizes based on your cell fitting and your liking.
5. Cuboid position can be changed in the display screen as per your device fitting and your taste.
6. Cuboid direction can be customized through setting as per one’s desire.
7. The application is highly user friendly with all controls given to users in the application through very easy and simple swipe.
8. When running this wallpaper, anyone can toggle the cuboid playfully.
9. The application supports random movement as well.
The application is developed with performance enhancement appeal.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android2.3 or later


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