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Enjoy psychologyYou will find here the answer to the questions: what women, and what men find attractive? Why men are more likely to decide on the onestand acquaintances with women? Is it true that men39;s outfit make them seem more attractive? Is it true that the excessive usage of facebook makes us more prone to suffer from depression? Is it true that our diet and healthy eating habits have an influence on our moods? Why people fall apart with each other? Is it really the case that watching TV commercials has an impact on women39;s mood? Is it true that when we sleep enough we feel more attractive? Is night driving safe? Can a negative attitude worsen the therapeutical treatment? Is it true that obesity and overweight root fromcultural stigma? Breastfeeding endows a child with higher intelligence? Is it good to chew a chewing gum before an important exam? How to speak to assert yourself? Why women shouldnt smoke during pregnancy? And many, many more.This application contains compilation of psychological and evolutional psychology, sociology, and health healthy lifestyle knowledge. Language version: english polish This app contains LeadBolt notification adskw: psychology today, free psychology, latest psychology news



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