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According to the Oxford Dictionary of English food means food. Foodaholic who only likes to eat. So a diet application (food app) What is youth? That's the Lozi. But not enough, now Lozi is an application not only for eating food lover, it was for young people to become great again dare to think big. So why is said Lozi is nonfood app? To answer this question, Fat Cat will tell you the story of his journey to becoming one of the more app-only-is-food in Vietnam.
3 years ago, her best friend decided to find a Fat Cat food hub for the organization of the farewell single. Despite trying, she did not know how to find out suitable food spot. The party is still going on after a lot of time looking for food as standard corner. But this story has caused the Fat Cat is born the idea of ​​a fun food app for young people. And nursery three dollars, Lozi born.
Food is love, life and everything? If so, use the Lozi. Lozi will suggest you the food or food suitable hub. And yet, not only become a real foodie, but you also can sign free when Lozi sell anymore.
From clothing si, homemade cosmetics, read books, food exports, a few dishes that you just cook, sign sold all Lozi cavoi. That said, you have to know why and Lozi is nonfood app offline. Rather, the semi-food Lozi app engine. Benefits you get when using a semi-Lozi food such app is:
- Benefits of a semi-number 1 food app as Lozi: Lozi used not only to show off some food or a food hub you just enjoy but also to prove that you're a "boss" "boss" small anymore.
- The benefit of a number of semi-food 2 app as Lozi: earn a little by selling items you do not need any more. With that money you can find food more interesting spots to sip with friends, by the way always showing off photos on the Lozi dishes.
- Benefits of a semi-No.3 food as Lozi app: user posted Lozi despite more than 69 photographs will not take any fees.
- Benefits of a semi-4 app as Lozi food: food or whether posting photos posted rummage sale, please pick up the surprise of the first 4.8 minutes post them.
Feedback via email and Lozi automatically updated regularly. Download now and experience Lozi yet!



Version: 3.4.2

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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