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Magic Perfume World Europe
What we offer you will not find anywhere else ......
Outrageously incomparable to Eau de Toilette & Eau de Parfums of well-known brand manufacturers!
Exclusive fillable lead crystal bottles Transparent lead crystal Color-spectrum rainbow with backlight
Exclusive magic perfume extract High concentration 60%
* Pocket perfume practically compact as a Labello
* For an unbeatable 9.95 Euro
* Comparative price brands Eau de Toilette & Eau de Parfum 114,95 Euro
* A golden yellow, heavy, intense extrait de perfume
* So highly concentrated that it is thick as oil is absorbed by the skin like a sponge
* Compared to Eau de Toilette & Eau de Parfum does not volatilize it
* Is stored as a depot via Hautschichten & therefore smells pleasant for up to 24 hours
Product example Magic Extrait de Parfum No1 & many more fragrances in our shop
Content 10ml Extrait de Parfum 60% Highly concentrated.
Suitable for all skin types.
Perfume tuberculus, tobacco, sandalwood, moss, distinctive-masculine
Pocket perfume as handy practical compact as a Labello Stick ideal for traveling, traveling, discoclubbing
Refillable in our exclusive, fancy, heavy big lead crystal bottles
Regular price 114 euros is the price assumed to be paid for the same amount of a branded parfume in the trade. Here comparative price for our price.
Do you still pay 90% of the purchase price too much for the name of the brand parfum, Blender packaging, VIP Star & Sternchen Werbegagen - or do you already save 90% of the purchase price with our Magic's Extrait de Parfum Intense 60% concentrate!
Eau de Toilette = 8-12% perfume oil content
Eau de Parfum = 8-15% perfume oil content
Magic's Extrait de Parfum Intense = 60% perfume oil content
Spare gigantic by simply filling your favorite perfume in our cool stylishly trendy Bleikristall perfume bottles - saving can be so simple!
Our Miraculix secret recipe Homemade perfume extract High concentration is so infinitely cool and enchant you magically because we only carefully selected, noble as well as valuable ingredients at the same time use ingredients according to our own, secret house recipe.
Our recipes are carefully stored in safe safes and we keep the secret of Coca Cola. Our perfumes are not available in any drugstore, perfumery or in trade, but only at to buy online. Who else would buy longer known brand perfumes? Nobody!
Our exclusive, heavy Bleikristall perfume bottles come in a set of 2.
These make themselves in the bathroom, bedroom, living room trés chique.
These can be filled with 5ml each of our Extrait de Parfum Hochkonzentraten.
Size 60 x 60 x 80mm.
Breathtaking, impressive and impressive as these flacons are stylish and modern at the same time set themselves in the scene. You will be amazed by the very high quality processing. It goes without saying that all flacons are free of any heavy metals tested and certified.
The flacons are elegantly and exclusively embedded in a white-silvery cloth silk, so make the flacons really chique! The delivery is from our warehouse as a separate shipment separately from our perfumes.
Are you curious? Then visit our shop, where you will find an extensive assortment
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