Magic Personal Assistant

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Magic is your personal virtual assistant, available on demand, 24/7, and responds within minutes.
"Magic is like having Elon Musk as your secretary.” - Ryan Holmes, Founder and CEO, SpaceVR
1. We read your message and send a reply
2. We find a way to make it happen
3. We handle whatever you throw at us
Magic can book reservations, get stuff delivered to you, send emails on your behalf, and much, much more.
- Get me a mobile dentist to my office ASAP.
- I need to rent out the Exploratorium this weekend.
- My 1 pm ran over. Bump my meetings back 1 hour.
- I need a SnapChat filter created for my sister's wedding.
- I’m out of the office today. Check my email and let me know if there’s anything urgent.
"Delegating our administrative tasks to Magic allowed us to focus on building a great product instead of daily minutiae." - Paul Bohm, Founder at Stealth Startup



Version: 3.0.1

Requires: Android5.0 or later


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