Make Me Singer - Record and Sing Karaoke 2018

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Sing, records video or audio and share your performance with friend and all with this
Make Me Singer - Record and Sing Karaoke 2018
app. Are you crazy about sing song all times and want to share your talent with your friends this app will help you to make to audio and videos to your own song.
Make Me Singer - Record and Sing Karaoke 2018
is best to make an amazing all audios and videos with an advance tools in this app you can record audio and videos in many more languages. it's also provide lyrics of all song with this you can easily sing song.
How to use..?
# Launch this app in your device.
# Convenient to use.
# Select any audio to make your own voice audio.
# Select video and record it.
# You have different languages to recording.
# Save your audio and videos in app personal folders.
# Share your talent with friends and family and be a rockstar.
Features of Make Me Singer - Record and Sing Karaoke 2018
# Sing new songs, sing favorite songs anytime.
# Sing karaoke online with video.
# Search karaoke songs easier and fast
# Record while singing karaoke with high quality voice
# Have fun with your friends by Sing Karaoke feature or send your recording files to your friends.
# Support all the language such as English, Hindi, Bangla, Khmer, Marathi, Malayalam, Bengali, Punjabi, Tamil, Thai, Korean, Italian and Assamese for making you singer.



Version: 2.0

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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