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Mirror - Make-up Mirror is a modern and intuitive mirror app. For a quick glance in the mirror, this app is unbeatable. As a replacement for the pocket mirror, whether for cosmetics or for shaving. Insert contact lenses, check hair or check teeth. In this make-up mirror with lighting, there are no annoying icons on the screen. A centered zoom and a shiftable image detail are unprecedented. The numerous functions can be controlled via the edges. For newer smartphones, the front light can be activated. Even without a front light, you can control the brightness and the contrast. Invisible operator elements ensure a unique operator concept. Choose between 30 different frames or just leave the frame invisible. The operation over the edge works anyway. Selfies are easy to create and of course send. With this mirror your styling is always perfect. A graphical quick - entry help brings you closer to the operation in just 2 minutes.
The app is designed primarily for Android 6+ apps. For apps below this level, the quality of the front camera is crucial. Try it, it costs nothing.
Modern design
For smartphone and tablet
Movable image section
Centered zoom
Front light switchable (only on newer smartphones)
Selfie mode
Over 30 frames to choose from
German and English
Help - Getting Started - Graphical Quick Guide
Low advertisements
Suitable for tablet PCs
No data collection and data storage via the app
Developed for smartphones from Android 5.1
Tested on Acer E39 Android 4.4.2 (quality depending on the front camera), Acer T03 Android 5.1 (quality depending on the front camera), Samsung S7 Android 8, Moto G6 (Plus) Android 8, Huawei Mate 10 Lite Android 8, Acer Tablet Android 6, Galaxy Tablet A6 Android 8.1
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Authorization: Take pictures and videos.
Needed to access the light of the smartphone.
Authorization: Read and write SD cards.
Needed to store and send selfies.
Permission: Read contacts.
When contacting the app, the smartphone's email client will open and your sender address will be inserted.
Permission: Google Play Billing Service.
This service is used to unlock the ads and the animation videos.
Authorization: Control the light display.
Is needed for the light effects.
Authorization: Disable hibernation.
This prevents the smartphone from hibernating or dimming the screen.
Authorization: Read system settings.
Only data in the case of a problem message that is explicitly triggered by the user will be read. Smartphone model, operating system and version. This data will not be stored or processed.



Version: 1.0.0

Requires: Android4.4 or later


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