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Maoni is a lightweight Open-Source library for integrating a way to collect user feedback from within Android applications, and increase your customer satisfaction.
Built from the ground up with the Material Design principles in mind, it allows to capture a screenshot of the activity the user is currently viewing and attach it to the feedback.
Just provide callbacks implementations and you're good to go.
Maoni will take care of collecting your users' feedback and call those implementations.
Below is a quick overview of the features included:
- Contextual information. Device and application information, if available.
-- Device screen resolution, mobile data and GPS states, ...
- Screenshot and logs capture.
-- Because receiving a feedback with contextual information is much much better for analysis, Maoni allows to take a screen capture of the calling activity, along with the application logs. Note that the inclusion of such screenshot and logs in the feedback object is opt-out, at the user's discretion.
-- Touch to preview screenshot
-- Ability for users of your app to highlight or blackout items in the screen capture. They may choose to highlight relevant items or blackout any sensitive information.
- Customization.
-- Besides the default form fields, you are free to include an extra layout with additional views. And you always have access to the underlying view elements.
-- Theme elements and styles can be adjusted.
- Callbacks.
-- Form validation. You can provide your own if needed for example for your extra fields.
-- Listeners. Upon validation, Maoni calls the callbacks implementations you provided earlier. So you just have limitless possibilities for an integration with any other systems.
Source Code:



Version: 6.0.0

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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