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You’re doing the right thing for seeking help and counsel with your relationship.
Even the strongest couples get into situations or habits that lead the relationship off track and into unpleasant, non-constructive situations. In many cases seeking professional help from licensed experienced therapists can surprise couples who use it with the impact it generates on the relationship and how it can help bring couples back to their happy days!
Here at
Marriage Therapy
we’ll match you with the right marriage counselor that will help get things for you and your spouse back on track
You’ll be able to do online sessions with your therapist from the comfort of your home and continue to follow up with them with unlimited messaging through the app.
Our therapists will provide you with the guidance you need to heal the relationship and get you back to being happy with each other.
Features our app offers
‣ Over 200 licensed expert Marriage and couples counselors
‣ Marriage counseling with a professional online through the app
‣ We’ll match you with the right professional couples counselor that will help you overcome challenges
‣ 24/7 private room where you can invite your partner and together talk with your counselor in a safe place
‣ Live phone, chat and video sessions with your counselor
‣ You are not limited by the amount of session you can have with your counselor – it’s up to you
‣ Transcripts of your sessions and access from every connected device you have access to.
‣ You can choose to change your counselor at any time of you don’t feel the right connection
‣ Helpful articles and content about fixing and turning relationships around
Marriage Therapy
, you will get a dedicated, unlimited online messaging thread with your counselor, which will serve as your private and secure place to communicate.
At the right time, if you decide, you’ll invite your partner to the conversation as well to try e-counseling together. The thread is available 24/7 and you can message there at any time.
In the thread you will write about yourself and your relationship issues, ask questions, and discuss the pains that trouble you regarding your relationship. Your counselor will login to the same thread, read your messages and respond with guidance and insights, ask question that raise important point from both you and your partner and will guide you through a process of healing the relationship. This ongoing communication is the basis of your work with your counselor.
Marriage Therapy
you will work together, you, your partner and your counselor towards making a positive change in your relationship.
You can start your consultation on your own and bring your partner on the process later.
What can it stem from?
Depression is often the result of chemical and hormonal imbalances in the brain, combined with outside circumstances. Stress, or stressful life events can also bring bouts of depression: losing one’s loved ones, getting fired, or an emotional breakup. These events can bring about chemical imbalances and these, in turn, cause depression symptoms. Talking to a professional is important in cases like these! You can’t cure a chemical imbalance on your own, just like you wouldn’t be able to cure pneumonia.
How much will it cost?
We aim to bring affordable counseling to all who needed it and make it available to everyone who needs it.
Regular “in office” counseling session’s rate between $150 to $250
Marriage Therapy
you’ll find it at $35 to $70 per week for unlimited access to your counselor.
You can cancel your subscription at any time as you feel that relationship is back on track.
Don’t give up on your relationship – the fact that you area reading this means you care and you want to do what it takes to heal your relationship – You deserve happiness!



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