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This app generates a different password per website using your master password. Use your master password to recreate any password, at any time. passwords are NOT stored anywhere.Tech note - This stateless password maker uses pbkdf2-hmac-sha512 and utf-8 encoding throughout (e.g. japanese characters supported). See below for precise output construction.This can help when used with a Password Manager, if:1. You use a password manager and don't trust its online storage of your passwords.2. You have multiple devices and often find a password you need isn't saved on one of them.3. You want to use a different password for each website.PassMgr Helper does NOT store your passwords anywhere! It re-creates them securely from a combination of the website url (any text will also work) and your master password. You only need one master password.Output construction:charset-encode( pbkdf2-hmac-sha512( master-pass-utf8, iterations, sha256-raw( output-length-big-endian-16bit + charset-size-big-endian-16bit + salt-utf8-num-bytes-big-endian-16bit + iterations-big-endian-32bit + salt-utf8 + url-utf8 ) ) )



Version: 1.0.3

Requires: Android2.2 or later


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