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Learn maths with Math Generator app!
Application generates random math exercises, providing result and full solution steps for each of them. App also contains general tutorial how to solve exercises of each type.
Math Generator is easy to use, generate exercises with one touch.
Hey, pupils and students, Math Generator is useful before your tests and exams.
Math doesn't have to be difficult!
Don't pay your tutor for private lessons, just download free app and learn math yourself.
No longer you have to sit at your desk - you have your notes and workbook on your smartphone or tablet. Study on a coach, on a bus, in a toilet...
Dear teachers, you can use Math Generator to prepare homework or test questions.
Currently the following categories are available:
- quadratic equations,
- linear equation systems - elimination method,
- linear equation systems - determinants method,
- linear equation systems - substitution method,
- prime factorization,
- short multiplication formulas,
- Roman numerals,
- Horner's method,
- binomial coefficient,
- repeating decimal,
- tautology,
- scientific notation,
- exponent rules,
- unit prefixes,
New math problems will be available in app updates soon.



Version: 1.10.1

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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