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Now Calculations became so easy. For all who has been preparing for competitive exams and Job interviews as well, this app is a gift for them.
It Covers 100+ calculation which is useful for all mechanical engineering students as well as mechanical professionals.
Not Only Mechanical Engineers get benefit from this App Other Fields like Electrical Engineering, Civil
Engineering,Production Engineering,Manufacturing Engineering,Automobile Engineering,Materials Engineering,Instrumentation,Mechatronics,Polymer Technology,Plastic Technology, Physics Students,Chemistry Students and related field students.
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This App Covers toatal 58 or more calcualtion like:
Chezy Formula Calculator
Minor Losses Equation Calculator
Cantilever Beam Calculator
Cauchy Number Calculator
Cavitation Number Calculator
Leaf Springs Calculator
Flywheel Energy Storage Calculator
Beam Deflection Calculator
Prandtl Number Calculator
Spring Potential Energy Calculator
Fillet Weld Under Torsional Loading Calculator
Pipe Contraction Calculator
K Value & Pipe Length Calculator
Butt Weld Under Transverse Loading
d-Exponent Calculator
Pipe Enlargement Calculator
Reduced Seated Valves & Fittings
Weber Number Calculator
Differential Pressure Calculator
L/D Varies with Pipe Diameter
Eckert Number Calculator
Cylindrical Grinding Calculator
Lathe Operations Calculator
Strouhal Number Calculator
Milling Operations Calculator
Helical Spring Calculator
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Refrigeration Calculator
Mass Length Calculator
Speed-Distance-Time Calculator
Pressure Calculator
Temperature Calculator
Pressure ranges of Vacuum Pumps Calculator
Spring Constant Calculator
Periodic Table Calculator
Calculation of Thermal Noise Calculator
Gear Pump Size Calculator
Gear Strength Calculator
Push-Pull for Cylinder at Angle Calculator
V-Belt Length Calculator
Push-Pull for a Cylinder Calculator
Storage Capacity for Cylindrical Tank Calculator
Velocity Of Sound
Vehicle Speed
Storage Capacity for Rectangular Tank
Dynamic Head Calculator
Pipe Line Velocity Calculator
Speed for a Hydraulic Cylinder Calculator
Orifice Sizing Calculator
Pipe Friction Loss Calculator
Metal Weight Calculator
Thermal Calculators
Reynolds Number Calculator
Horsepower for a Hydraulic Motor Calculator
Air Flow Calculator
Gravitational Force
Young's Modulus Calculator
Stress Calculator
Rotating Horsepower Calculator
Stokes Law Calculator
Turbulent Pipe Flow Calculator
Vehicle Engine Horsepower Calculator
Continuity Equation Calculator
Bernoulli Theorem Calculator
Manning's Equation Calculator
Hooke's Law Calculator
Pressure Calculator
Darcy-Weisbach Equation Calculator
Torque Calculator
The application includes various reference tables, calculators, converters. It also has one of the most comprehensive unit converter in the market. All of the tools have both Metric (SI) and Imperial (US) units.
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Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.4 or later


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