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With MedicApp you can:
1.- Schedule Medical Consultations
Just access and schedule your query on the day and time that best suits your time also quotes the cost of consultation with our different specialists
2.- Home Pharmacy Service
Ask for the medications you need at home simply choose the type of medication you need, as well as quote the costs of each medication, your medication will be on the way, if you are a frequent user you can access promotions and special discounts on the purchase of medicines
3.- Ask for Ambulance
A medical emergency enters the app and accesses to ask for an ambulance with a click an ambulance will be sent to your exact location as MedicApp accesses your location through the Maps, you can quote the transfer cost from the application
MedicApp is an application focused on the health sector that seeks to solve the existing problems of many patients, to be able to schedule a medical consultation from a mobile application, this allows a significant saving of time as well as the possibility that users can make a price quote In consultation with each of the medical specialists with which the hospital has, it also allows users the possibility of ordering their medications at home from the Pharmacy section, they can choose between the different types of medicines and quote prices without the need to consult this information from an external source, concerned about the health of patients MedicApp allows you to request an ambulance in case of a medical emergency, in addition to review the cost of transfer download the app.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android5.1 or later


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