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The metal stud finder is the best stud finder for walls and the best metal detector on your phone to find metal and stud. Now you don't need to buy other metal detector devices which are too expensive. Pro metal detector with a magnetic sensor will work as the drywall stud finder for android phone as well as the metal detector in the earth. Most of the people need metal key detector app and most people search about a metal identifier for mobile. These all tools used in our daily life like detector for gold detector hidden mines and wall stud locator.
Metal stud finder and the pro metal detector are only made for those people who want to detect metal in wall and stud in the wood table. Metal stud finder app allows the metal deter with sound option through which you can easily find any metal in the earth or find any stud in the wall with this specially designed stud and wire finder app. Customization option is given according to different metals frequency so you can choose the frequency by using the pro stud detector to detect the metal wood and studs. Your mobile magnetic sensor will be used during metal detection and metal identification as a metal identifier and metal detector for gold to detect the hidden stud in the wall in best stud finder app free.
Many finder apps are available in the play store, that offer multiple detection options but the metal stud finder is one of the best pro metal detectors that will help you to find the metal with the use of the android magnetic sensor. Select the multiple options from giving as stud finder for walls and the metal key detector for hidden metal that are placed on the street. Step into the world of stud and wire finder app to find the metal in the home, find metal in the street and find studs on the wooden wall.
Features :
• Metal stud detector is free and always will be
• Activate and deactivate the sensor any time
• Set the frequency value according to detection
• Move pro Metal detector device to find metal
• Select any ringtone that will give you pro alarm
• Make more and more precise setting accordingly
• Find metals & detect stud with pro metal finder
Instructions to Use
• Use activated/deactivated button to use
• Make sure that the sensitivity value is high
• Keep mobile closer to metal for accuracy
• Remove mobile cover for accurate results
• Calibrate the mobile to get accurate value
• Make sound, vibration on/off from setting
• For further queries you can mail us directly
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Version: 1.2

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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