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The official Air Force - Meteorological Service ( provides the main meteorological observed and expected relative to the national territory and makes use of established expertise and experience in the field acquired from the gun Azur.
The Weather app Air Force, organized in a simple and functional, provides:
- The values ​​of the weather (temperature, wind, visibility and phenomena) detected by the Air Force meteorological observation stations located throughout the country;
- The weather forecast on the Italian places charge up to 3 days with a detail triorario;
- Forecasts for intense weather phenomena, be they weather and general area, the information of storm and avalanche risk, with the possibility of reporting in push mode on intense weather events taking place throughout the country;
In addition, through a system of geolocation you can set your preferred location attached to their home to have forecasts on location closest to where you are or select their favorite locations on which you want to always be up to date on weather forecasts.



Version: 1.0.0

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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