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The, the most famous of the michelada with lemon, salt and sauces classic recipe.
Cuban for those who love Tabasco sauce and spicy flavor.
The michelada comes from Mexico, but since I can remember I have seen and taken micheladas, probably here in Chile prepare different, but the idea is the same and are very rich. Ideal for heat, thirst and especially when the night before it took you all!
The michelada is a popular Mexican beer cocktail or prepared that became popular in Mexico during the 40s, when people started mixing beer with chutney or salsa. Currently, it has also become popular in other parts of the world and you can compare with a "Bloody Mary". For it to be considered as a true michelada, include lemon, salt and Worcestershire sauce (Worcestershire), Maggi or soy. The flavor of a classic michelada reflects the true origin of its name, my chela frost.
The michelada is a typical Latin American beverage is prepared by mixing beer, lemon juice, salt and a mixture of sauces. If you have in mind to organize a meeting with friends, michelada of tamarinado is a perfect choice to liven up the evening and surprise everyone.
The michelada is a very refreshing drink type cocktail prepared with beer. The basis of all good michelada also includes salt, lemon, and a spicy sauce. One of my favorite sauces when I prepare my micheladas is chamoy sauce, a sauce with sweet touches Picosita as it is made with fruits like tamarind and / or tawdry. Chamoy sauce not only adds great flavor to micheladas, but also snacks like a bowl of chopped fruit.



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