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Milkman is a service of home delivery by appointment and time slot, built around your needs. A few simple steps and the hassles of non-delivery will become a bad memory.
How does it work
- Download the app, register and you will be assigned a "milkman address". Use it as a shipping address for all your purchases on any online store.
- After receiving the milkman address fill in your personal file.
- The next time you shop online shopping you ship your purchases at milkman.
- You will receive a notification on your smartphone soon as we receive them.
- Then, at any time, you can request an appointment for delivery, even the same day or in the evening. Not only that: you can choose the time slot that is more congenial.
- If you are waiting for more items you can choose to receive them all at once?
- You will be kept informed of current progress of your shipment and you will know the precise time of our arrival. - You can also change your mind at any time and take a second date.
Why use Milkman
- Because your time is valuable. Sometimes you can know that day will come a package, but it is impossible to know at what time will ring the intercom. With Milkman changes everything: are you to tell us when to come and we guarantee maximum punctuality and courtesy.
- Why does everyone hate the non-delivery notifications. Those who force you to miss a day, moving the uncertainty about tomorrow. Ones that force you to make calls and minutes and minutes to wait in line. Ones that force you to go at the headquarters of the courier in the suburbs.
- Because it's nice to receive gifts at home. Without receiving looks from the boss at work. Without disturbing the parents, the mother-in-law, grandparents or friends.
Do you want more information about the service?
Find us on:
Write to us at:
for technical support
for support / reports relating to deliveries
Call us at n. +39 0286891710
Follow us on:
Twitter: @MilkmanApp
Facebook: Milkman



Version: 1.0.1

Requires: Android 4.0.3 or later


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