Millennium Driver

3.9 (7)

Auto & Vehicles | 7.4MB


Install a mobile application for the taxi driver and earn the maximum.
Useful settings, interactive assistants, and user-friendly interface to help every driver to do more orders in the same time.
Work efficiently and without unnecessary movements!
Directly from the app without dialogue with the dispatcher, the driver can:
- Receive the necessary information about all available orders at the stage of selection: the distance to the pick-up address, route, rate, order value and order value for the driver;
- Select the appropriate according to their own parameters of the order of 3 types of sources: a list of orders, "auto-suggestions," System and "Radar";
- To monitor and filter incoming orders;
- Use an automatic search for the next order to relieve the driver;
- To reserve the next job when the current one;
- Fully manage the order addresses: add, delete, change the order;
- Notify the client about being late;
- Enter the voice communication with the customer when necessary;
- Independently to shoot himself with the order when circumstances permitted.
Also, an application for working with orders allows the driver:
- Monitor the current balance of your account
- View all transactions on the account for a certain period;
- Quickly deposit funds via payment systems;
- Transfer money from your account to other drivers;
- Manage the options of your car;
- Adjust individual sound notifications;
- Use night mode display built-in maps and others.




Requires: Android4.0 or later


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