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MindWallet is the best free password and private data management solution.MindWallet is the advanced and complete solution for password and private data management.You can organize and store all kind of information on MindWallet securely. You will never have to remember your valuable information everytime you need, just remember your master password for MindWallet.Main features of MindWallet: Military grade encryption: Strong encryption with 128 bit AES algorithm. Advanced security: MindWallet does NOT store your master password anywhere including your device and any remote servers to achieve the ultimate security. Also inactivity timeout and masked password features provide an extra security layer. Adjustable font size: You can set your own font size for better visibility and better support for different device and screen types. Move to SD card: You can install MindWallet onto SD card to save some space on device memory. User friendly and simple user interface: MindWallet is designed especially for simplicity and easy Don39;t get lost in many information. You can use search function to search item names.backup and Restore: You can backup your data into device internal memory securely and restore it whenever you want. Export and Import: You can also export your data to the external storageSD Card etc. of your device and you can keep those exported data files on your desktop computer or else where for user managed backup purpose. Exported data can be saved as CSV Excel file or encrypted file. Send data as Email: Exported data can be sent as email, and you can keep your data backup in your mailbox for further data recovery. Templates: MindWallet provides template feature for easy item creation. When adding a new item, you can either choose to add from predefined templates or custom templates that you defined. This way you won39;t have to recreate your frequently used item types like bank accounts, credit cards, web sites, etc. Custom item definition: MindWallet lets you easily create your own items by adding your custom fields one by one. Just choose your new field label, input type text, number, passwrod etc. and add it to your new item. Support for multiple data input types: You can set different types of input for fields of an item. Text, textuppercase first letter, textuppercase all letters, number, password, URL, phone number, email and etc. Support for fieldinput actions: MindWallet lets you use the data in fields according to its input type. You can directly call a number in a phone number field, send email to an email address in an email field, view a URL in browser or just copy the value of a field. Themes: You can choose one of different user interface themes. Black, white and blue themes are available now.



Version: 1.2.1

Requires: Android1.5 or later


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