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This is the trial version of Mindful Love urlgt;https:play.google comstoreappsdetails?idcom.mindfulloveIt only has four questions, instead of 365.Full application description:Do you want to deepen and enhance your relationship with your partner? Mindful Love is designed to do just that by helping you think about your partner in new ways, learn more about your partner, and aid in personal growth. There may be times you go your whole day without thinking of your partner. Mindful Love is a game designed to remind you to take a moment out of lifes busy flow, to develop your relationship with your partner. Mindful Love is loaded with 365 questions about your partner, one for every day of the year. These questions were designed to help you to better know your partner e.g., Where did you and your partner share your first kiss?. This app was carefully designed by a licensed professional counselor with years of experience dealing with marital issues and relationships.The concept for the Mindful Love App is based around two psychological concepts: mindfulness, and knowing your partner. The idea behind the game is FUN and the questions are designed to be conflictfree.How to use: You can set the reminder alarm to go off randomly, or at a set time that is convenient for you. When you get the daily question, take time to think about the question and your partner.check in with your partner about your answer. Your partner can tell you if you got it right, or discuss the answer with you. Dont feel bad if you miss the question, because you have just learned something new about your partner. Ask your partner to answer the question about you.When you make it to the end of the game in a year, start again Check in to see if you still remember where your first kiss was, or if your partners favorite kind of candy has changed. With the Mindful Love App you will be learning about your partner in healthy and marvelous ways for years to come and promoting a healthy friendshipMindful Love App 2012

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Version: 1.5

Requires: Android 3 or later



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