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MobPDF Tool (Mobile PDF Tool) is an utility tool built to do following operations on PDF files.
1. Merge - Join two or more files into one.
2. Split - Divide a PDF into many small files.
Following are the sub-options:
a) Split @ every page
b) Split @ even page
c) Split @ odd page
d) Split @ page numbers
e) Split @ every 'n' pages
3. Rotate - Turn pages of a PDF.
Following are the sub-options:
a) Rotate @ every page
b) Rotate @ even page
c) Rotate @ odd page
d) Rotate @ page numbers
e) Rotate @ every 'n' pages
4. Arrange - Reorder the pages of a PDF.
- Freebie version of MobPDF Tool can process PDFs of size less than 5MB.
- Please use prime version to process PDFs of size more than 5MB.
Once you install MobPDF Tool, please follow the steps below.
1. Create a directory "mobpdftool" in your internal storage and copy the input PDFs to this directory.
2. Launch the app and select the operation (Merge, Split, Rotate or Arrange).
3. Once you click on "Add" button, you can see the previously copied PDFs in a popup.
4. Select the input PDFs from here to process.
5. Now click on "Run" and processing starts.
6. On successful run, processed PDF/PDFs can be found in the following folder in "mobpdftool" directory.
a) "Output_Merge" - Merged files
b) "Output_Split" - Split files
c) "Output_Rotate" - Rotated files
b) "Output_Arrange" - Arranged files
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Version: 1.0

Requires: Android2.3 or later


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