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Mobile cleaner make phone fast restart background running apps process and cool down your phone by reduce cpu by restart those apps. Restart those apps will lead to give a boost to games before launch and you will find lag free games
Max clean your phone and enhance phone performance with cleaner and booster for phone. Android Cleaner is phone cleaner, booster and cleaner, cpu cooler and game booster that boost phone performance. One tab to cool, clean, boost and speed up your phone. Clean my android with this cleaner and booster for phone. Best android cleaner app to optimize phone performance.
Cleaner and booster: clean my android with android cleaner to free storage space
Game Booster Pro: Boost up game speed with game booster
CPU Cooler: Cool down phone temp and reduce CPU usage
you are facing Phone slow problem?? Don’t worry now. Make your phone fast, smooth and booster.
Clean deep to boost max your phone effectively. Advance Phone Boosting and cleaning on just single tab. Maximize phone speed and optimization. Powerful Booster speed and cleaner for android phones to boost, clean junk and cache files, cpu cool and extend battery life for longer time.
» Super-fast boost your phone on just one tab.
» Easy to fast clean your phone
» Super CPU temperature cool down
» Super-fast Optimize phone performance
Terminate unwanted processor usage and process to boost phone
Super Max Phone boost master is a professional booster and cleaner app that enhance phone performance. Real time phone optimize to cool, clean, boost your phone. Its phone clean and boost optimization algorithm is highly effective for strong power boost. Speed up phone faster and smoother on just single tab.
Advance boosting algorithm makes phone faster. Best Mobile cleaner app clean to boost phone max.
Easy to Fast clean app to finally advance
max boost, cpu cool down, Phone battery optimizer and wifi booster to enhance phone performance and phone optimization. Super smart optimizer for the android phones. Totally free phone cleaner and phone booster to speed up phone. Deep phone cleaning and max fast boost to maximize phone performance. Temperature monitoring, controlling, battery time saving is now with ease and comfort. Best phone cleaning app 2019 to make more storage and more space by cleaning junk files, background running process, and clean cache memory. By reducing CPU usages cool down your phone.
Features of Max Phone Boost Master
✓ Super Clean Expert: Clean phone cache data files
Kill Background running apps and process to clean your phone effectively. More Memory gives you more space and more phone speed. Running too many apps and process in the background makes your phone slow and leggy. Smartly optimize your phone with this booster app for android. Super-fast cleaner for android! Best Phone cleaner booster and cooler app for phone optimization.
✓ CPU Cooler: Cool down phone temperature
Device Cooler heat minimizer professional temperature monitoring and controlling feature to reduce CPU usage, clean RAM extend battery life with just one tab to cooling android cool down phone. Enhance overall performance of the android phone to lower down phone temp and close heavy resources consuming apps. Scan and detect those apps that are useless and takes too much space on phone make phone slow and hot. By closing those app make phone fast and cool. Its heat minimization and cpu cooler algorithm is highly effective to reduce cpu usage, cpu cooler and lower down phone temperature. Phone cooler – CPU Cooler monitor phone battery temperature.
Game Booster: Boost Game Speed
Make more storage and space before launch your game by game booster for android algorithm. Get smooth and fast game play on just one tab. First add your game that your wat to boost and press Boost.

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Version: 1.0.2

Requires: Android 4 or later


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