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TimeDock keeps you up to date with real-time job timesheets, forcing your team leaders into the habit of clocking staff in at the point of doing work.
Stop chasing timesheets last minute before payday, and compile your labor positioning reports at the click of a button at (Premium Account or Trial required to use this app).
Suitable for...
Remote team-based workforce
Each employee carries an ID card with a Barcode or NFC tag then they approach the designated person when they start work who clocks them in. Then, at the end of the day, they present their ID card to clock out. Great for construction crews, agriculture, service teams and other wage-based organisations with designated persons responsible for tracking hours worked.
Install a modular wall-mounted Wifi time clock that uses the same ID cards as our mobile app. Or optionally install your own tablet to the wall with this app set to front-facing camera for self-service check-in as employees arrive.
Repeatable labor
Cleaners, healthcare workers, security staff and others who regularly visit set locations can check-in by scanning a fixed tag at each location to create a new jobsheet entry with their hours assigned. Review in job-sheet format with total hours per repeated job.
Top reasons to choose
• Scales from 1 to 1000's, without diminishing workflow.
• Lets you react to labor fluctuation and project overrun before it happens.
• Gives you real-time labor costing for key business decisions.
• Eliminates the hassle of chasing timesheets and resolving timesheet errors.
• Forces point-in-time workflow and actively fights timesheet lateness and consistency issues.
• Modular architecture lets you integrate as many mobile devices and wall-mounted punch clocks as you need, across many locations with differing internet connectivity.
• Works seamlessly online and offline.
How this app works:
1. Download the app and connect to a TimeDock account as a time-tracking device.
2. Optionally pre-select a job code or activity code (configured by the admin through the online web portal).
3. Use the in-app camera to scan staff ID's as they arrive, or wave their NFC badges next to the NFC sensor, to clock into work. Repeat steps 2-3 for switching jobs, then clock out at the end of they day.
What you'll get from the online web dashboard:
• Instant timesheets for each employee and job. Plus timesheet overview.
• Positioning reports and analytics for configurable cost codes, activity types, tasks.
• Manually adjust or enter hours missed.
• Configurable CSV exports for sending time data directly to payroll applications.
TimeDock's card-based interface is highly scalable, allowing the issue of thousands of ID cards and eliminating the need for manual interaction at the point of recording time.
Designed for payroll administrators, TimeDock gives you instant online access to timesheets in real-time. Time can also be applied to jobs on a job-sheet, allowing you to monitor in real-time total hours worked on a specific job or location.
Install any number of attendance clocks on any number of devices and they all work together as employee time clock devices, collecting timesheet information for your central TimeDock account. Unlike your traditional punch clock, employees can check in from one device and out another.
* TimeDock software subscription required to use this application.



Version: ID Card Time Tracking

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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