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This is a demo for MockApp UI design tool
See source code of the application on GitHub
To be short:
1. Design UI right in your phone
2. Quickly share UI as APK (right from your phone) with your customers
3. Inflate your UI in your Android Studio project in one line of code
This app's UI completely build on MockApp!
Traditionaly UI prototypes are created using great tools like zeplin, figma etc. Developer takes that assets and trying to recreate UI using Android layout XML. If something changed cycle has to be repeated. So we have two bunches of assets: produced by designing tool and Androdi XML that needs to be in keep sync. As we all know that the shorter the dev cycle the better.
So why we couldn't experimenting with UI right in Android UI terms (Views)? When design assets become a real app assets, not just a nice pictures!
The challenge of this tool is to have one bunch of assets for design and production code.



Version: 1.40.7

Requires: Android5.1 or later


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