Molsaqaty - Arabic Ramadan Stickers

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HD Sticker packs to the new WhatsApp Stickers (2.18.341 and up) WAStickerApps (WAStickers).
The app consists of 2 tabs: Stickers (transparent background) and Emojis (white background).
Tab 1: Stickers - 18 High Quality WhatsApp Stickers Packs (~500 stickers) designed specifically for WhatsApp.
Tab 2: Emojis - 500 High Quality Emojis designed for any chat program like Viber, Messenger, etc.
All sticker packs are 100% free!
Problem Fix
- Update your WhatsApp to the latest version to be able to send and receive stickers.
- Remove the app from Android battery optimization list "Android/Settings/Battery/Optimization". Otherwise, stickers will disappear from Whatsapp.
How to use sticker packs on WhatsApp?
- Install then open app.
- Browse sticker packs then tap 'add to Whatsapp' to add a pack of stickers to WhatsApp.
- Open WhatsApp and start a chat conversation.
- Tap on the emoji icon inside the chat box.
- The app icon will be displayed under the chat box.
New Stickers for WhatsApp.
Download now the new Stickers for WhatsApp.
WAStickerApps - Stickers for WhatsApp Stickers.
#WAStickerApps #WAStickers
( Emoji & WhatsApp Stickers Categories )
01. Ramadan Emojis
02. Fanoos Ramadan
03. Ramadan Greetings 1
04. Ramadan Greetings 2
05. Eid
06. Fat Woman
07. Girl
08. Woman
09. Morning & Evening Greetings
10. Girly
11. Love Words 1
12. Love Words 2
13. Lady
14. Sarcasm
15. Love
16. Heart
17. Lips
18. Love Emoji
More cool stickers are coming soon!
Happy Stickering :D



Version: 1.2

Requires: Android4.4 or later


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