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Greece is well-known as the country where the drama was born. Greece is now in the middle of a modern-age drama. Entering the Euro-zone in 2002, allowed Greece to borrow "cheap money" from the markets. Unfortunately, a significant part of these resources was used to increase pensions and salaries, which allowed Greeks to live beyond their means. This lead Greek economy to crash in 2010. Since then, Greece found itself one and one half step outside the Euro-zone in the middle of strikes, demonstrations, civil unrest and conflicts. Now Greece is at a critical point. There are clear signs of stabilization of the economy, but no rebound is seen on the near future. Use this app to find out the right time to invest in the Greek economy.
The Rozolutions' pledge - No Spies No Ads: This app requires permission to access Internet. This is necessary, and only used for, obtaining data from the monitor Greek economy server.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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