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The MoveMe Route Planner shows you all available transport connections to get you from A to B within Brescia. Make your city travel more convenient with this easy to use and practical app!
Route Planner: Set your start and end points to generate a clear laid out list of all your possible options to get you quickly to your destination; including time, price and number of connections.
Departures Monitor: As soon as you enable locations on your phone, we will list all the transport departures nearby. This feature provides you with a quick and reliable overview of all transport connections near your departure point.
Plan your journey in advance: Important meeting this afternoon? You can search for the perfect routes hours before with our time picker - this way you can ensure you will make it on time!
Ticketing: Using an external link, you can book a ticket from your cell phone!
Bike Sharing: Feel like some fresh air? Choose our bikesharing option to get to your destination!
Parking Integration: Make your search for parking spaces easier! Our app shows where there are free parking spots in your vicinity, so you can quickly and easily station your car.
Taxi: Get the times and prices of a taxi ride to get you from A to B.
Private bike and walking routes: If you're just looking for a walking or biking route using your own two feet or wheels, we will show you the fastest routes!




Requires: Android4.1 or later


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