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There are tonnes of movies and TV shows and series out there. You only know of the few you have watched. Welcome to the largest collection of movies in an app. Movies AppFlix gets you a collection of movies, TV shows, short films and TV shows in a single application for your convenience. To keep data usage low, you can browse through the through the posters and click on the item you might be interested in before watching your movie.
-Searching. You can search through the database to find movies with your favorite actor, director or genre. You can directly search for a title. Any keyword goes.
-Sorting: With 12 different ways to sort your data, including IMDB rating, you can find the best movies for you.
-Latest Movies:You can be able to catch the latest movies from the "latest movies" category in the sidebar
-Movies coming soon:You can be able to get ready for movies that are coming soon from the "Coming Soon" category in the sidebar
-You get two different view for the list items. Single column for better view, or double column for faster browsing.
-Share interesting movies with friends via any messaging app, using the share button
Now it is easier to browse and share movie recommendations with friends.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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