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Using multi photo blender you can create photo with double photo exposure, multi photo mixer with effects, etc,.
It takes lot of time and effort to mix or blend photos. This task is generally only done by professionals. But with Multi Photo Blender you can now easily blend photos to create cool looking photos that looks like as if it is edited by a professional. All this can be done with very little effort and time.
# App Features:
- Set different backgrounds and add multiple images on background.
- Adjust opacity and effects of images to blend photos.
- Apply different more than 30+ filters on photos.
- Give double exposure effect to blend photo quickly.
- Use overlay on image to create smart photo blends.
- Add stickers to your blends to add extra effect.
- Use created Multi Blend Photo as wallpaper.
- Create Multi Blend Photo Collage with this app.
- Save and share on social media apps.
- Storage access(read and write) ->read storage to get images from gallery for set as background or add images on background, to get saved images list, write storage to save created images.



Version: 1.0.0

Requires: Android4.2 or later


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