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The Multi Lease app is an indispensable helper and companion of the car seller. Using the app, the seller can quickly calculate a lease, current actions and conditions look, scan application documents and submit. He also has a constant overview over its multipoint status.
The Multi Lease app is intended exclusively for sellers of official representatives of the Emil Frey Import brands in Switzerland. To use the app a login account with the Multi Lease (MOS) is required.
Leasing calculator
The leasing calculator enables rapid and automatic calculation of monthly installment. For additional support, the current conditions and actions per vehicle mark can be retrieved. There is also a link to the current residual value tables.
Residual value calculator
We do the current residual value tables of all Emil Frey Import brands. For each runtime combination of the correct residual value can be determined.
document scanners
With the scan function application documents can be (identity card copies etc) scanned and sent directly to multi Lease.
Multi Points
The app shows you any time your current score, the articles used in the Multi Points Store and the lack of points to your personal favorites.
Leasing conditions
Overview of all current leasing conditions and tariffs.



Version: 1.0.0

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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