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Music VU gives you beautiful and dynamic level, wave, and spectrum displays for your music, right on your home screen. Works with any music player on your phone or tablet. You can place a variety of meters and visualizers anywhere on your home screen. Change colors, mix them up, resize/enlarge (Android 3.1 & later), or use more than one side-by-side for greater impact.
All segmented meters feature classic digital styling and a high-resolution first meter segment. In addition, specialty spectrum analyzer and waveform displays give you unique new ways to visualize your music. Premium spectrum and waveform displays are free for a 7 day trial period (VU level meters are always free).
To find the visualizer widgets go into your apps list “Widgets” section and look for “Music VU”. On KitKat (or very old Android versions) long-press an empty part of your home screen. To make visualizers big, resize in both directions -- widgets maintain their shape (aspect ratio).
Note: This is an advanced widget app which uses special techniques to update quickly. Due to limitations in the way Android widgets work you should have a fairly fast phone or tablet for good performance. You may still notice occasional irregular updates. Avoid using more than 5 or 6 visualizer widgets at the same time. To minimize CPU and battery usage Music VU is not active unless your screen is on and music is playing.
If you have any problems, for example your combination of Android device and music player doesn't work, please email support at
. We'll try to help resolve your problem. Note: There's a bug in some Galaxy S4 models (but not others) which breaks visualizers, including Music VU. Please email support if you have trouble on S4. Also visualizers may not work with some music players on newer phones with KitKat like like Nexus 5 due to bugs in the OS, we are hard at work on possible workarounds so stay tuned. For now a different player may work, like Google Play Music or doubleTwist player.
For more information including descriptions of each meter/visualizer and app preferences see the Music VU help page:
User Feedback
Please rate the app and submit comments on Google Play to let us know what you think of Music VU. If you have a question or bug report send email to
(include your phone model, music player, and Android version).
Music VU Integration Info for Developers
Music VU shows accurate stereo levels when used with supported music players like the SoundWire audio streaming app. If you’re an Android music app developer and would like to have your app send stereo meter data to Music VU only a few lines of code are needed. Please email
to receive implementation details.



Version: 1.7

Requires: Android2.1 or later


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